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Browser - move and arrange items of a Role Folder

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When accessing BW Browser, in Favourites folder there is the option to select items, move and place them where ever you want and also to do and automatic arrange with the context menu (right mouse click).

But when accessing a Role Folder these options are not available and items appear in non defined sort and some times one item in front an other.

Which are the settings to configure in order to activate these options? I?ve been dealing with Role Configuration (PFCG) and related documentation without luck.

Furthermore when resizing (minimize) the browser items use to be one over the other. Which is the way to set an automatic arrange and avoid this problem?

Thanks a lot,


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Answers (2)

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S_USER_AGR (Authorizations: Role Check) provides access to roles (options listed below).

If someone is making changes to the role (e.g. you in PFCG!), it may be locked and thus some options may not be available.

01 Create or generate

02 Change

03 Display

06 Delete

08 Display change documents

21 Transport

22 Enter, Include, Assign

36 Extended maintenance

59 Distribute

64 Generate

68 Model

78 Assign

79 Assign Role to Composite R

DL Download

UL Upload

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For the web based role menu, there are no options for automactically organizing the items on the menu. You have to organize them manually in the PFCG to have them appear the way that you want them to.

For the last option, make sure your browser or BW is up to date with fixes as that may be the cause of the problem.

- Stephen