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Broken image in case of transport via NWDI

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I have a image file in a webdynpro application. I have placed it in the src -> mimes -> comps -> package folder.

When I deploy the application I can see the image on the application.

Now when I released the application from development to staging, the application works fine, but the image is not getting displayed. We get an 'X' mark in place of the image.

I checked the .ear file and extracted it. I can see the image file in the components-> package folder.

Also the .dcdef file of the application has the following:

<i> <folders>






We are using EP 7.0 SP11 portal and NWDI to transport the applications.

Please let me know how to solve the broken image issue.


Vibha Singhal

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vibha,

Check if the image is added in the activity. You can check this way...

- Go to Development Configuration Perspective

- Expand the DC

- Navigate to the location where you image is added.

Here you can see if the image is added to repository or not by checking the icon. If you see a blue color Hut symbol on your image then its not yet added your DTR repository. You can right click on the image (DTR -> Add -> )and add to you an acitivity then check in and release it.



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Thanks!! It works now... full points...

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