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Borders not appearing after applying color to cells

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Hello All,

I am trying to display a table within a cell in Adobeform (not interactive). I am creating the table using Table element and not with subforms.

First column in the table will have multiple lines. So I am creating a table within a cell. I was able to display the contents as expected. But when I apply the colors for the cells the border for the cell is not visible.


I want the output to be as per table 1. But the output I was getting is as per Table 2.

This is what I am doing.

1. Created a table within in a cell.

2. Filling the color using Java script (using this.border.fill.color.value). I need this because at times I need a darker color.

3. Tried adjusting the margins. But that didn't work

4. I have set the borders of the table cell to 'None'.

Can some one provide the inputs on how to achieve this.


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I had a similar issue a while back. This is what I did to solve it:

  1. Set the background fill for the cells as solid with a color of white.
  2. Increase the border size of the cells to .09

Hope this solves your issue.


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The method for filling background color of cell is:

this.fillColor = "255,170,85"

the numbers are an example for orange color

Hope it's helpfull


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Hello Kalyan,

Please dont put the borders of the tabel as "None"

And you also need to give the borders individually for each cell on the left,right, top and bottom as per your requirement.Generally give the default measurement 0.069.

Let me know if your problem is solved>



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Hello Varun,

This isn't working..