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BOPF Value validation mesasges are appearing as pop up instead in message container

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Hello Experts and Gurus,

I'm trying an BOPF value validation (while create/update) for an particular field so that corresponding error message is displayed in message container as shown in the sap help documentation when i press ENTER key or click into another input field.

Query1: Im getting error POP UP message only after SAVE, But i need to pop up error on pressing ENTER key or click into another input field.

Query2 : I should get error messages as shown in documentation and not as error POP UP message

(I have used the same validation code as suggested in documentation and used in /BOBF/IF_FRW_VALIDATION~EXECUTE method)

I need messages to appear as in image1 and instead im getting POP UP error message as in image2.

Please help me guys, I'm stuck for a long time.
Thanks in advance and would appreciate for help.

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Hi abhishek_matada,

Have you enabled Draft capability?

Hi mioyasutake ,
No, I have not enabled Draft capability. Is this issue have anything to do with Draft functionality ?

Hi mioyasutake ,

Your Prediction was correct, I tried to implement Draft functionality to my Application and added the Validation as shown mentioned in documentation. So finally the validation messages were captured and populated as required. Both the Queries were cleared
Thanks for your Suggestion

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Just my assumption, but since the validation is called on save and update, if you haven't enabled draft, then it will be first called upon save. (This is related to your Query1)

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Okay......Even If I enable Draft, I'm not sure field validation will be done on ENTER key or click on other field...So I'm creating same scenario with Draft functionality enabled so will check the outcome and revert you back.
But the custom validation code for each field again should be written in /BOBF/IF_FRW_VALIDATION~EXECUTE method right ??

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