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BO Mobile using Blackberry Simulator_Webi Report Error JVM 104

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Hi Everyone,

I have installed BO Mobile XI 3.1 server on the same machine (Windows XP Professional version 2002 SP3) on which I have my BOE XI 3.1 server deployed.

I am using Blackberry MDS and Blackberry Smartphone Simulator, installed again on the same machine, to test the BO Mobile application. I got the BO Moble client appliaction on my Simulator by copying the Blackberry BO mobile client files from BO mobile server onto the directory of Blackberry Simulator as suggested in the admin guide.


The problem I am facing on my Blackberry Simulator is-

Its not opening any WebI report which is stored in my machine's BOE reporsitory. It gives an Error message- "JVM Error 104 Uncaught:CMDisconnected Exception" Can not open even as I further select 'continue'.

However, its successfully opening any other WebI report which is stored in a different BOE repository, which is deployed on different machine over the network.

Also, Its successfully opening any Crystal Report document from any BOE repository (mine and other deployments as well)

Diagnosis till now

1) I understand the JVM error 104 is the standard error message which Blackberry Simulator is designed to throw whenever there is any uncaught exception is thrown in the application- Could not dig further at simulator end.

2) Checked the mobile server logs- No Info (hopefully!)

3) Currently perhaps trying activating and tracing WebI Processing Server log files. ('Logging' folder) Not able to see any log files other then a few webirichclient_XXX_trace.log files, which gets generated when I launch Webi report using Rich Client. (No trace for webi reports launched from InfoView/BO mobile)

Request to provide your suggestions in line with the problem and also with the diagnosis steps already taken.

Please also guide as how to trace & understand Webi log files in these regards. We can see some log files in Logging folder of BOE, but no clue.

Many thanks in advance.

Warm Regards,


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HI Nimit: Do you got the answer for the issue you were facing long ago?

Now it is my turn...if you can send a light, that would be helpful