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Blank Window with no Report displayed in SAP BO 4.3 occasionally.

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We have installed SAP BO 4.3 on windows server and have successfully migrated 14 Webi reports ,which have been open/loading fine and even data is refreshing fine most of the time. We are using chrome or mozilla browser to open WebI reports and we have configured to "open reports in new browser tab" for every report.

On a few occasions we noticed that on clicking to open any report the new bowser opens but with blank blue(WebI theme color) window/page with no contents. If i refresh the same window again it loads/renders and displays the report contents fine. As i mentioned it happens randomly only sometimes and does not really have a pattern .It can happen to any report or at any time. We have only few reports and only 2 users at this point so load or busy hour should be an issue.

Appreciate any advice or hints that can help me investigate and fix.

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Which service pack of 4.3 have you installed? Or are you using the base version?

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Hi, Yes i am using the base version SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.3 Version :

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Hi, I'm getting the same. Did you manage to resolve this issue?

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