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BI System Integration to Portal for Visual Composer

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I am BW Consultant Working on the visual composer for the first time.

Visual Composer>New Model>Iview> BI (menu)>BI Integration Wizard

I am getting following Error

Warning 2005:There are no BI systems defined in the order to use the Bi Integration Wizard,You must first define atleast one BI system based on BI XMLA,BI ODBC,BI JDBC or BI SAP Query Connector.

But i am already publishing some BW queries in Portal using WAD...BI system is connected to porta

Please update how to proceed further.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Same problem faced previously, and the solution given was

Check whether one of the systems in the portal has the flag BI directory provider. If not, create a new one and it will work.Also make sure that you maintain the user mapping for that system.

from thread

BI integration Wizard

Helpful link

VC and BI kit

Modeling BI Data With Visual Composer

embed BI data in VC


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Hi Pradeep

Thanks for the update

I shall be very greatful if you can guide me How to check one of the systems in the portal has the flag BI directory provider.

So that i can proceed further

Thanks in advance

if not, create a new one and it will work.Also make sure that you maintain the user mapping for that system

just for my understanding Why do we want to maintain user mapping



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Please update

How to check one of the systems in the portal has the flag BI directory provider.

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Navigate to System Administrator ->System Configuration -> System Landscape -> BW system you created in the properties you can find BI Directory Provider



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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Follow these steps to configure Portal with BI system which can be used in VC for model creation

1.Click on System Configuration menu option from your toolbar. Go to Portal Contents on System Landscape
   iView.     System Administration -> System Configuration -> Portal Contents
2.To start with configuration of system, Right click on Portal contents and select New -> System from PAR.
3.System Wizard will prompt you to select required default system template in step 1.
   Choose for BI system.
4.In step 2 choose a portal component which is to be used to connect to BI system Choose SAP_BI_XMLA
5.Define System Name and System ID which are mandatory and will be used for further reference to maintain
   connection settings for BI system in portal.
6.Your system object is created and choose Open the object for editing and Click OK
7.Next screen will give brief information about object created.
8.Choose Connection Properties from Property Category drop down to maintain connection properties for BI
9.Provide BI server name as Data Source Provider.
   Enter server URL which can be generated using BI server and steps are mentioned below.
10.Logon to BI server with required username and password credentials.
   Go to T-Code SE37 (Function Builder).
   Enter system defined function module RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET and execute directly.
11.Put Import parameter values to generate server URL for the system.
    Execute Directly (F8).
12.You will get following Export parameters as result where values of E_URL_PREFIX & E_URL_PATH are
    required URL.
   Prefix E_URL_PREFIX at E_URL_PATH to get complete URL.
13. Now back to portal
   Choose User Management from Property Category and maintain Logon Method as UIDPW and select User
   Mapping Type admin,user.
14.Choose Show all from Property Category to check entered values
15. After maintaining connection settings, System Alias needs to be maintained for created system. Using this
   system alias we can access this system through our applications.
   Select System Aliases from drop down list available under Display options.
16.Define an alias name and click on Add.
17.Created Alias will come under the list of defined aliases.Click Save.
18. Go to user administration and Choose User Profile to maintain user mapping parameter with respect to BI system. Select User Mapping for System Access Tab.
19.Select your system alias which is created in previous steps.Click on Modify button to maintain details.
20.Enter User ID and Password for BI server and Click on Save.
21.System configuration process is complete and now you have to Test Connection to assure its connectivity of
   EP to BI system.Choose Connection Tests from Display dropdown menu.
22.Tick the Check box for available system connector and click on Test to perform selected connection test.
23.Upon correct maintenance of connection parameters system results as connection successful.
24.Now your Business Intelligence system is configured and successfully connected to Enterprise Portal.
It is ready for use.
Happy Practiceu2026

Mandeep Virk