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BI 4.0 - Issue on refreshing .unv based Web Intelligence Reports

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we have an installation of BI 4.0 platform SP4. We need to create some webi reports based on SAP BW information.

In the past we had a problem during scheduling of Web Intelligence reports using "OLAP SSO connections" on BW database (if users were not logged on BI platform during execution of the schedulation, report failed for missed credentials). For this reason, we configured SSO on SAP Authentication plugin and problem solved.

But recently, we noticed that a Web Intelligence report based on a .unv universe cannot be refreshed if user is not online (the same matter that we had in the past for OLAP SSO connections). The message received is "Unable to connect to SAP BW server Incomplete logon data". Before applying SSO configuration, this report didn't have this problem (report were refreshed also with the offline user).

It seems that the new SSO configuration is not compatible with "unv universe connections".


BW --> OLAP connection --> Web Intelligence Report: Schedule OK

BW --> unx universe --> Connection --> Web Intelligence Report: Schedule KO

Did anyone already meet this problem?

Thanks a lot for the support!

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Hi Mare,

it looks like you have some issue with your SNC/STS configuration for SSO.

Can you try to refresh the report by loging with SAP ID.



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thanks for your reply. Report can be refreshed if I manually refresh it. The problem arise if I schedule the report and I'm not online when this schedulation runs. It doesn't happen if my Web Intelligence report is based on a BICS connection on a BeX query. It happen if Webi is based on a UNV universe.


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pretty simple here:

New technology (.unx and BICS) you need the STS.

Old techbology (.unv MDX Universe) you need the SNC configuration.

Both can co- exist. What i read is that you accomplished Step1 but still need Step2.

More info can be found in SAP Note - 1650872

A How- To Guide for the configuration of SNC can be found here:

This Guide is for XI 3.1 but works identically for BI4. Please note, beside BI4 is a native 64 Bit application you need the 32 Bit libraries of the SAP Crypto lib because SNC is a 32 Bit technology.

After you have configured SNC you have to set the following option in the CMC. Only after settings this options STS and SNC can work both.



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Was this issue resolved? We were having the same issue. Once SNC was configured, schedule run of a webi report based on .UNV universe started working without the user being logged in.

Unfortunately the side effect was that refresh of crystal reports online fails with "incorrect database parameters" error. The database parameters are all correct though. Crystal reports can be scheduled in background but refreshing it on demand fails. We are using BI 4.0 on top of BW 7.01 with SAP authentication and all reports are based on BW queries or universes generated from BW queries.