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Bex Report total value restriction

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Hi All,

We are facing an issue,

This is a BW 3.5 Report.

Here under "Package" is a hierarchy with main nodes and child nodes.

Now, KF4 is calculated using the logic => (KF1- KF2 - KF3) if this value is greater than zero, and Working money is only "Yes", then KF4 is populated with the value (KF1- KF2 - KF3).

the Working Money "Yes" Criteria applies for the child nodes( ie 151..152..153...191...192...193.)

The part of the report with Working Money = "yes" is fine. but, for " working money" = no, is a problem.

NOW the problem is because of the report functionality, the value next to the main node(N07) is the sum of the child nodes, by

the formula for calculating KF4 there should be no amount appearing in KF4 when working money = NO, but since the formula criteria applies only for the child nodes, in KF4 the total is being calculated at N07 level and is appearing in KF4 for working money = NO, which is undesired.

kindly suggest to overcome this problem.

Note the same main node N07 has both "yes" and "no" working money child nodes.

refer the below layout.

Reporting layout -

WOrking Money   Package        KF1           KF2         KF3      KF4

YES                N07           8            0          0           8
                     151         5            0           0          5
                     152         2            0           0          2
                     153         1            0           0          1

NO                   N07          9            0           0           9                         
                       191        3            0           0           0
                       192        2            0           0           0
                       193        4            0           0           0

Edited by: Asish Sahu on Mar 1, 2011 10:04 AM

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Answers (1)

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Hi All,

I am closing my thread.