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BEx report field as hyperlink

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In a BEx report there will be a field populated with a hyperlink address. When running this report in BEx, will the content be activated automatically as hyperlink. Meaning that the content just needs a click to go to the corresponding website of the cell content?

This is the requirement of the client and as their is no web portal, we can not implement web reports (limited budget).

How to enable such a thing? Any ideas?


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Well, a field populated with e.g. will be availble in BEx reporting. And in the analyzer i want this field to be active, meaning that clicking on the 'http://...' in the excell sheet will lead to the site.

Is there a way to install this? standard a hyperlink is not active as BEx puts a ' infront of every value in a BEx Analyzer sheet.



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The simple answer is no you can't do this in your query design.

However, you might be able to abuse the report results, from Bex if you execute the report into Excel workbook, because MS excel has a standard functionality that looks for text that "looks like" either an email address or a hyperlink.

I haven't tried this though and you'd probably have to disable the data refresh - which ends up being pointless.