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BEx Query on Multiprovider

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Hello BW Guys,

I am creating a BEx Query on a Multiprovider (ZHR_MULTI) which include one Infocube (ZHR_HRM1) and one Infoset (ZHR_HRM5).

The infoset contains 'Employees Master Data' and the infocube contains some master data and 2 Key Figures (Headcount and Movements). The requirement is to create a query on multiprovider using the 'Employee Master data' (which is in Infoset) based on a key figure 'Headcount' (which is in Infocube).

When i tried to run the query, I don't get any data for 'Headcount'. Can anybody help in this.



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Answers (2)

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After making sure that your key figure is populated in the cube, open your Multiprovider in change mode, then go to the identification tab and check the key figure you need.

Hope it helps (if so assign points),


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Hi Rajat,

Check the below.

1) Identifications

2) Filter conditions in the query

3) Use LISTCUBE and check the base cube ZHR_HRM1 and see data is available for headcount for the same filter restrictions which enabled in the query.

3) Use LISTCUBE and check the multicube ZHR_MULTI and give exact restrictions and see whether it pulls data for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.