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Bex Query Multiprovider: restrict same characteristic for different Infoproviders

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HI SAP Guru's

I have scenario here where the multiprovider is made up of 3 DSO .....i have a infoobject 0CRM_OBJ_ID(transaction Number) in two DSO and i want to display both values in separate rows as AMC Number and Service order Number in the query

1.AMC Number(restricted to AMC infoprovider)

2.Service Order Number(restricted to Service infoprovider)

if it was a key figure i could have created a restriction in the kefigure structure by making a selection. but it characteristic and if  i create a structure in rows its throwing error infoobject 0NFOPROV is used in both structures of the query

Please Suggest how to do it thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Unless you have different objects in back end part providers of multi provider, i am not sure it's possible.

You can try to add 0INFPROV in rows, so you get two rows of 0CRM_OBJ_ID in output...but still you can't name differently as your requirement...

Did you try with RKF on formula variable which can read KEY of 0CRM_OBJ_ID and restricts on 0INFOPROV..but this can be shows as key figures..can't do any analysis....

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first it doesn't let me make selection in rows by creating a structure since i have already used the infoobject 0INFPROV in coloumns key figure structure

second i cant create RKF since it doesnt allow characteristics in selection.....

Anyone has any other ideas please suggest thanks

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Hi there

The answer, without changing anything to your models, is coming from your data. Since you are using allready the inforpovider in columns then you have to find a characteristic that you can use it to filter the records for each one of your DSO. If you  can't find any infoobject that can restrict your data per Contact and AMC then you have to change your models and add a new infoobject to split those two rows. Otherwise you can create a restricted characteristic.

It's up to you to find and decide what is more quick/easy to apply.

Thank you


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You can go ahead with the workaround Arun has suggested.

Create a new CKF--Under that formula variable--Create a new formula variable--Processing by replacement path--Reference char--0crm_obj_id.

Hit the replacement path--Replace variable with--infoobject--replace with key--Hit the currency/unit tab--Choose number under dimensions.

Now drag this ckf in columns--restrict with infoprovider.

Hope this helps.



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