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BEx query does not sum RKFs from different Info providers if Char values on report are identical

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I have a multi provider with two cubes under it.  One cube is a subset of the other cube.  (Skipping the details, it has to be that way.)

Both cubes have, for example, three characteristics.  For two of them, their value is the same.  For the third characteristics, they have a different values.  the multi provider has one restricted key figure defined for each cube and then a calculated key figure that is the sum of both of the restricted key figures.

Like this,

Cube 1

RKF1 - value = 100

Char1 - value = A

Char2 - value = B

Char3 - value = C1

Cube 2

RKF2 - value = 100

Char1 - value = A

Char2 - value = B

Char3 - value = C2


If I define the query to have Char1 & 2 on teh rows, the CCF on the cols and Char3 ans a free char, BEx is able to see that the data is a duplicate and only show a CCF valule of 100. 

Like this.

Char 1Char 2CCF

I would have expected to see 200 as the CCF but it is only 100 and that is what we want. 

Once I put char3 on the report, the output becomes like this

Char 1Char 2Char 3CCF

So the sum of the report now becomes 200 but we only want the 100.

My question: How was BEx able to realize that there were "duplicates" and only post 100 for the first query?

Please note, I am not looking for ways to alter the data or the contents of the cubes or some other workaround.  I need to know how BEx was smart enough to only show 100 for the first query.


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Hi Paul,

The BEX is not that smart enough to show the results in that way. There must be some other filter or may be this is due to the restiction used on the both the key figures.

Please help us in knowing some more details like the restrictions used for the key figures or if there are any other filters.

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We found the problem.  The answer is that formulas are applied at the Results level (display level if you do not have any results rows).  When I was tracing the data, I was applying the formula at the record level. 

See the attached screenshot.


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Hi Paul.

By using the Exception aggregation we can achieve this scenario.