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BEx query does not sum KF values from different Info Providers when all Chars are the same

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I have a Multi-provider with two cubes under it.  One cube is a subset of the other cube (its is a long story but we need it that way).

The problem I am running into is when I am dealing with data that is in both cubes.

I have a restricted key figure (RKF1) that is based on the first cube (Cube1).  I have a second restricted key figure (RKF2) that is based on the second cube (Cube2).

I have (for example) 3 characteristics on both cubes where two of them match in value but one is different.

Cube 1

RKF1-Value 100

Char1-Value 1

Char2-Value 2

Char3-Value 3A

Cube 2

RKF2-Value 100

Char1-Value 1

Char2-Value 2

Char3-Value 3B

I then have a calculated KF (CCF1)  = RKF1 + RKF2

If I construct a query so that Char1 & 2 are on the rows and CCF1 is on the row and Char3 is a free characteristics, BEx is somehow smart enough to recognize that these are "duplicate" entities and display a value for the CCF of 100 (which is what we want).

Char 1Char 2CCF

I would have expected the CCF to show 200 instead of 100 but we actually want the 100 because these are "duplicates". 

When I add Char 3 to the report, it shows two rows, both with CCF = 100 so they net to 200.

Char 1Char 2Char 3CCF

My question: How was BEx able, in the first query example, to only show 100? 


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This is a duplicate post.  I thought my first post failed to submit and made this one.  See the answer under the discussion titled "BEx query does not sum RKFs from different Info providers if Char values on report are identical"