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BEx Exception aggregation last value with NULL value

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I am having an issue with exception aggregation - last value on 0CALDAY. I import an excel file into a infocube, that already has the calculated age in days on the last day of each month for every material and batch combination.

This is the data for a single material and batch combination:

Obviously, as the material-batch ages, it's value moves to different age buckets. I want the user to only select a year and the last value in that period should be shown. The user can also select a specific period in the year.

That is why I used exception aggregation on a restricted KF with the option of last value on 0CALDAY. But the last "value" for the bucket 0-30 is actually NULL at the end of the year. As you can see, it shows the last value as 56.129,26, which yes, is technically correct.

I get what BEx is doing, but is there any way to get the actual last "value"? I need to preserve the NULL value, so having zeros instead of NULL is not correct either.

Thank you!

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