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Because of error 513, no message was created in Support Desk System

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Hi all,

I am getting an error 'Because of error 513, no message was created in Support Desk System' while creating a support message from an ECC system. Can you please provide a debugging procedure? How to resolve this error?

I appreciate your help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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did anyone applied the patches in ECC ?

If yes then apply the patches in solution manager upto 15.

and one more thing check the number range ?is it correct or not ..this problem may occour due to number range problem.

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Thanks for the response. Solution manager is at level 15 and number ranges have been setup correctly.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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The error Reasons

The number range interval is maintained incompletely for the messages.


A non-existing status profile is maintained in Customizing.


a) Change the number range as follows:

  • Transaction DNO_NOTIF

  • Choose pushbutton 'Groups'

  • Select 'Group without text' SLF1 and choose 'Group --> Insert'

  • Maintain text: 'SAP Support Message' and maintain a number interval from - to.

  • Choose 'Insert' (Enter)

  • Save the changes.

a) Delete or change the status profile in Customizing:

  • Transaction DNO_CUST01

  • Select entry 'SLF1'

  • Choose pushbutton 'Details'

  • Delete or change the entry in the 'Status profile' field

  • Save the changes

After apply this changes the specify 513 error message is solved and you are able to create support message.


Zahid hussain

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Check RFC Connections SM59 in Satellite System (test connection). If no connections are there to Solman, create one, then ensure the logon ID used is assigned the right Authorization (S_RFCACL with Act=16, RFC_EQUSER=N,Y). the logon ID should not be locked and the password should be correct.

Make sure your BCOS_CUST table has the right destination to Solman, if not, then edit the table in SM30 and change the destination to the RFC Connection name created in the first step.

That should fix the error. I had the same condition and applying the above made it work.

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Make sure that the RFC that's used to create the msg in SolMan is working properly.

To verify which RFC is used goto table BCOS_CUST and chech the DESTINAT column for the OSS_MSG.

The verify RFC, use TA SM59. I advise you to use the SM_<SOLMAN>_BACK RFC.

Next to this, make sure the user used in the RFC has enough authorization in SolMan to create the msg.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Thanks for your response.

I have checked and RFC connecting is working fine and user in RFC connection has the role SAP_SUPPDESK_CREATE on sol man system. Do I need to add any more roles or profiles to the user?

Also, What is the actual meaning of error 513? Why SAP doesn't provide better explanation of the problem? It will be very helpful, if you can provide debugging procedure. How could you arrive at the above mentioned solution from the error message that SAP provided?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!!