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Batch Jobs and Interfaces Queries

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I am currently exploring if SAP XI may offer capabilities in the scope of :-

1) batch job scheduling like SAP R/3 4.6c (transaction sm36, sm37)

2) reduced requirement of ABAP custom built interfaces to / from multiple legacy systems

Primary motive is there exists frequent system downtimes within SAP R/3 that will disrupt regular operations of batch jobs. There exists business risks in user intevention on mass job scheduling in R/3 and SAP Business Connector flow adjustments.

Hence, I am trying to explore if SAP Netweaver XI may offer greater flexibility in regular system batch job operation and interface capabilities to multiple legacy systems.

Any advise if any is much appreciated...




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gregg,

1) as XI is built on basis of SAP WebAS it offers the same job scheduling than R/3 (sm36, sm37)

2) SAP Xi can be used to build interfaces to legacy systems, where transformation logic will reside on XI so that within R/3 mostly standard interfaces (IDoc, RFC, standard proxies) can be used omitting specific ABAP implementation requirements.

Regarding system downtimes: if your R/3 system is down and a legacy system sends data, XI will try to deliver it and if it does not suceed set the message to error status. You then have the possibility to do a mass restart as soon as the R/3 system is up again.

Best regards


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