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Batch job print parameters missing

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I have 4 BATCH jobs that output to a pdf via MAIL. The data is shrunk so small that it cannot be read. If I am in SP01, and I try to reprint with changed parameters, only a select few formats are available. (All the ABAP/4 lists).

I went to SPAD -> Full Administration -> Device Types -> Choose the device type -> Formats

I see the the output DEVICE associated with MAIL is PDF1. I checked the formats that are already listed. It seems that some of these will suit my needs - however, most of them are not available to choose when I edit the batch job.

How can I add a different format? I need to test several to find a size that will accommodate a very wide table.

All suggestions welcome.


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Interesting question, I'm not certain what options you have printing ABAP lists to PDF.

I'd try creating a new format - SPAD -> Full Administration -> Device Types -> Format Types->Display and create a new format. It would need to be of the ABAP list format type and an appropriate page format. I'd stick to one of the DINA# page formats for best compatibility.

Just how wide would this report be?

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It's pretty huge. Columns A-W. The length varies, but this week's was 195 rows. I tried to create a new format, but I supposed it will never fit on a normal sheet of paper.

Is it possible to "print" to an Excel file from a batch job?

Right now, I am going back into SP01 and downloading to excel and emailing it out.

Think this can be automated?

Thanks for your input