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BAS: Deployment of Adaptation Project from BAS to S/4 Hana OnPrem system fails

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Hello Community,

I am trying to create and deploy an adaptation project from BAS to OnPrem S/4 Hana system when I run the deployment wizard, it fails to deploy to onprem system and gives Error deploying project: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0. SICF service nodes such adt, discovery etc are all activated, What am I missing here, some pointers will be greatly appreciated?



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what resource are exposed to cloud from your connector?

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jun.wu5 all paths and sub-paths are exposed from the cloud connector.

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Do you see something in the transaction /n/iwfnd/error_log of your gateway system(could be embedded)? Can you also check the cloud connector monitoring to see if you see the request goes through?

And check netwerk trace in bas when deploying although I don’t think you’ll see something there.

You need to try figure out where it fails, bas , cloud connector or in gateway/backend.

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c3d1947136cd4c748a7aa794001af496 thank you for your advice, the issue has been found, apparantly there were lot of ST22 dumps in the standard program which gets called during deployment, it was observed that the dumps were due to the fact that there was no virus scanning profile that was set as default. Presently we have deactivated the scanning profile in view cluster VSCAN_PROFILE_VC and the deployment from BAS goes through successfully without any issues.

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