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BAS Adaptation Project for Process Picking Requests APP F4643

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It is necessary to modify the standard Fiori application Process Picking Requests to meet the customer's requirements (App ID F4643)'F4643')/S27OP

The proposed options using Custom Fields and Custom Logic are not sufficient.

Therefore it is decided to try to create an adaptation project for this application in BAS.

But in BAS we encountered the following problem:

The prerequisite to run Process Picking Requests application is Assign Associates to Stores (My Store Assignment, App ID F4334). That is, first you need to Assign your user to stores.

Consequently, when running in Adaptation mode (as well as in Preview mode), a message appears with the requirement to assign stores first. Because of this, it is not possible to modify the original application.

Maybe someone has encountered such a problem and knows how to bypass the binding to another application in BAS?

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