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backup failed

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Dear Experts

Please help me to solve the issue

Detail log:

BR0051I BRBACKUP 7.20 (16)

BR0055I Start of database backup: behrmdad.anf 2012-01-17 21.01.11

BR0484I BRBACKUP log file: /oracle/KAP/sapbackup/behrmdad.anf

BR0477I Oracle pfile /oracle/KAP/112_64/dbs/initKAP.ora created from spfile /oracle/KAP/112_64/dbs/spfileKAP.ora

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 21.01.14

BR0319I Control file copy created: /oracle/KAP/sapbackup/cntrlKAP.dbf 24526848

BR0101I Parameters

Name Value

oracle_sid KAP

oracle_home /oracle/KAP/112_64

oracle_profile /oracle/KAP/112_64/dbs/initKAP.ora

sapdata_home /oracle/KAP

sap_profile /oracle/KAP/112_64/dbs/

backup_mode ALL

backup_type online_cons

backup_dev_type util_file

util_par_file /oracle/KAP/102_64/dbs/initTUEDB.utl

system_info orakap/orakap KAPODBP SunOS 5.10 Generic_142900-13 sun4u

oracle_info KAP 8192 33922 1457730282 KAPODBP UTF8 UTF8 1650203074

sap_info 701 SAPSR3 0002LK0003KAP0011V16350003100015Maintenance_ORA

make_info sun_64 OCI_102 Aug 2 2011

command_line brbackup -c -p

BR0116I ARCHIVE LOG LIST before backup for database instance KAP

Parameter Value

Database log mode Archive Mode

Automatic archival Enabled

Archive destination LOCATION=/oracle/KAP/oraarch/KAParch

Archive format %t_%s_%r.dbf

Oldest online log sequence 33915

Next log sequence to archive 33922

Current log sequence 33922 SCN: 1457730282

Database block size 8192 Thread: 1

Current system change number 1457743401 ResetId: 704129858

BR0120I Control files

File Size Id. Device Link Type

/oracle/KAP/origlogA/cntrl/cntrlKAP.dbf 24526848 0 65580 NOLINK FILE

/oracle/KAP/origlogB/cntrl/cntrlKAP.dbf 24526848 0 65581 NOLINK FILE

/oracle/KAP/sapdata1/cntrl/cntrlKAP.dbf 24526848 0 65582 NOLINK FILE

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 21.01.14

BR0057I Backup of database: KAP

BR0058I BRBACKUP action ID: behrmdad

BR0059I BRBACKUP function ID: anf

BR0110I Backup mode: ALL

BR0077I Database file for backup: /oracle/KAP/sapbackup/cntrlKAP.dbf

BR0061I 45 files found for backup, total size 759133.734 MB

BR0143I Backup type: online_cons

BR0130I Backup device type: util_file

BR0109I Files will be saved by backup utility at file level

BR0126I Unattended mode active - no operator confirmation required

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 21.01.17

BR0315I 'Alter database begin backup' successful

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 21.01.17

BR0229I Calling backup utility with function 'backup'...

BR0278I Command output of '/usr/sap/KAP/SYS/exe/run/backint -u KAP -f backup -i /oracle/KAP/sapbackup/.behrmdad.lst -t file -p /oracle/KAP/102_64/dbs/initTUEDB.utl -c':

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 23.09.04

BR0279E Return code from '/usr/sap/KAP/SYS/exe/run/backint -u KAP -f backup -i /oracle/KAP/sapbackup/.behrmdad.lst -t file -p /oracle/KAP/102_64/dbs/initTUEDB.utl -c': 1

BR0232E 30 of 45 files saved by backup utility

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 23.09.04

BR0231E Backup utility call failed

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 23.09.06

BR0317I 'Alter database end backup' successful

BR0056I End of database backup: behrmdad.anf 2012-01-17 23.09.04

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-01-17 23.09.07

BR0054I BRBACKUP terminated with errors

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Answers (3)

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If the problem is not solved yet, check if backint is properly linked to TSM. Can you tell us the result of the following list command

ls -ltr /usr/sap/KAP/SYS/exe/run/backint

Also confirm if it is linked properly in $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libobk*



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What is the backup utility u are using.Once check with the corresponding team

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Is this a new configuration?

Check the resources, utility availability if it is not a new configuration.

Error is showing - Backup utility call failed


Nick Loy

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Hi Darshan,

Check below log for more information


Also, check the initKAP.utl file for improper configuration.

Execute backfm -p and see if you can connect to the backup server.

Was the log you mentioned complete? or any other error messages which have not been posted?



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Thanks for reply

I had mention the complete log of the mention issue as per you suggest i had check the tueapodb.utl

i found no issue in configuration.

Thier is no issue of connecting with backup server because backup is running almost more than 50%

after that it failed.

Please suggest me the another way to check the issue.

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Hi Darshan,

Well, then it seems like the issue is on the tsm side or the network throughput.

How many sessions (MAX_SESSIONS and MAX_BACK_SESSIONS) did you configure for the online backup in the utl file?

What is the SESSIONS value?

Also, look for any disk I/O errors in the OS and TSM logs.

Try updating the brtools.

Involve tsm team to investigate the behavior of the backup. They will be able to identify if there is a bottleneck at TSM side.