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Automatically Inactivate a Learning Item on a Future Date


Is there a way to automatically inactivated a learning item on a future date?

For example, would like to automatically inactivate on the future date - the day after the last ILT session to prevent the learning item showing as an option for self serve to a user just to find out that there are no more sessions. 

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I am not aware of any way to 'schedule' something to inactivate an item on a future date (maybe something connector wise could accomplish that?), that said - you could remove the item from the library a future date.

This would prevent the user from being able to search for the item at all - which, if I understand the issue correctly, would solve for the user finding the course but not seeing any sessions. They would just not find the course anymore.



I'd love to hear others thoughts on it!


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Marie, I think this works! Yes, the overall goal is to improve the user experience by ensuring the accuracy of what displays as available to the user. It's so confusing to click a link and then see...NOTHING! Thank you for your prompt response.