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automated where-used liste for global key figures

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Hi everyone,

does anyone know, which badi, function or alike is called by the 'where-used' functionality of restricted and calculated key figures within the BEx Query Designer?

Or maybe someone knows how the key figures definitions are stored in SAP BI?

Here's the background of my question:

I got a list of restricted and calculated key figures which might be deleted.

But before I can do that I need to find out which depenences they have with other query elements and queries.

I don't want to look it all up manually, because the key figure list is quite long.

I allready had a closer look at the tables RSZELTDIR and RSZELTXREF. But it seems RSZELTXREF does not hold the connection between queries and global key figures. (I'm not sure, but maybe they're connected to another element like 'querysheet'?)

Also the connection between 2 key figures isn't in there.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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I solved the problem.

For those who are interested in this:

Via the function RSZ_P_WHERE_USED_LIST_RECSV you can determine the dependencies of a queryelement recursively. The function uses an UUID as an import parameter and returns a list of depenend UUID. The details for those elements can be retrieved from RSZELTDIR.


Christian Baum