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Automate inventory management for 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_UM

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I am working on the  inventory management scenarios. I am handling the 3 extractors (2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_UM).

I have successfully loaded the data for 3 plants using these extractors into my BW system. Now that I see, I have to do lot of manual tasks to make this happen on R/3 and BI side, I would like to automate the same process and steps for other plants and company codes, rather than doing all the steps manually.

Doing manually all the initialization steps involves great risk from hardware side as well as workload sharing problems and monitoring delays and all.

I am looking forward to automate below steps in R/3 as well as BI side -

On R/3 Side's steps --------------------------------

     1. LBWG (03)           ---- To clean the setup tables

     2. MCNB (BX)          ---- To load the setup table for 2LIS_03_BX

     3. OLI1BW (BF)       ---- To load the setup table for 2LIS_03_BF

     4. OLIZBW (UM)     ---- To load the setup table for 2LIS_03_UM

          Please note - I really do not want to start the BF and UM setup table load at the same time, as my data selection is really not mutually exclusive.

On BI Side's steps --------------------------------

     5. After completing all the steps from R/3 side I would like to get my process chain triggered in BI system (Automatically), which will run the infopackage for the

          datasources and my DTP's to fill the InfoObjects.

I can definitely have a solution to make the jobs running automatic in the R/3 systems via some standard if they exists or my own custom SE38 program and SM62 events and SM36 jobs. However, triggering an event from R/3 to BI system to start a process chain is something I am not able to find how?

Have anyone does like this before or can imagine how to do it? Please share a word or any thought you might have about it, I will make a story out of it.


Rudra Sonar.

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Hi Rudra,

Although I understand your wish for "scalability" in the delta initialization process, I have doubts with such an approach. How stable is in your approach with many delta initializations? What are you going to do when a new plant is opened?

My advice is to go for a conventional approach. Also considering the fact that you will need downtime for a safe initialization.

Last but not least, please refer to the document for a good overview of all steps involved.

Best regards,


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Hello Sander,

I have already gone through the link many times in fact this is the link and the How to... guide from SAP for inventory management scenarios are the basis of my doings.

However, I would like to talk about the existing scenarios in our BW system. Could you please review it once ?

1. We have an existing flow for 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM --- Initialized and delta is already running from 2008 from source system say "SOU_A".

2. We need another flow for another application for stock/inventory management from the same source system "SOU_A".

3. Now as in this case, we need to consider 2LIS_03_BX along with 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM.

4. There is no chance to have a downtime/posting block for the new cube(s) initialization.

5. I have initialized *BX with 3 plants, *BF and *UM datasources are already taking delta from the same source system.

6. I have executed MCNB, OLI1BW, OLIZBW in source "SOU_A" for the pilot data from posting date 01.01.2015 onwards. (Which filled with my setups tabs.)

7. Then in BW system I have executed InforPackages for the *BX, *BF and *UM --- Note: For *BF and *UM I did not need to have a the "Initialize delta process" as the delta is already up and running. So I chose "Full update" and loaded the data for the posting date 01.01.2015 onwards.

8. By doing this I got below requests in my PSA ---

The selected one is the full upload, and already delta is running is same as it is ----

So now i will come to your statement -

Sander van Willigen wrote:

1 ------------- How stable is in your approach with many delta initializations?

2 ------------- What are you going to do when a new plant is opened?

1 ------------- I don't think I will be doing multiple delta initializations in my case, it will only be a data load (Delta) in my new cubes

2 ------------- This I can't be sure of now, but definitely I will have look into it.

So my basic question comes - as these manual task getting very hectic ... can we automate it?



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About ECC Side:

Why you need to automate ?

its one time activity of filling setup tables.

As i know we don't need to automate at source side.

Bw side you cab automate your process chains.


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yes you are right there is usually no need to have the automation on ECC side, and it hypothetically right that its one time activity.

However, in my case there is need to repeat this multiple times.

Scenarios -

1. I am having around 20 countries and around 450 plants.

2. I have done the pilot initialization for 3 plants from one specific country.

3. My another delta load for other flow is active and running for these particular DataSources from the

    same source system.

4. I need to initialize the stock cube in-between first delta finishes and second delta starts, so i do not

    lose the already schedule/active/running delta.

5. For only 3 pilot plants it takes around one whole day to do the all predefined activities with a very

    less history data (01.01.2015 onwards), and then if I have to load the data for all the company

    codes and all the plants with at least 3-5 years history data... I wont be able to complete the setups

    within 2 running deltas for sure.

6. So the plan is to make the things live one-by-one. May be region/country/priority wise.

7. So looking to the scenario mentioned above I need to repeat the same steps multiple time. Its

    definitely not gonna be the one time activity.  

I hope it gives more information here.



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Hi Rudra,

There is no direct way to reduce the steps....except that you do proper planning to GoLive with few Countries at a time also explain the same issue to client aswell