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Authorizations for managing BI broadcast schedules of other users

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Hello colleagues,

In SAP BI 7.0 SP21 (SAPKW70021) we would like to enable an existing SAP BI reporting user

a) to create own broadcasts for existing querys and schedule them for automatic distribution via e-mail.

b) to view and edit broadcasts and broadcast schedules of other users.

In order to enable the user to do a) and b) we did an authorization trace and resulting from that we provided the user with an additional role covering the following authorizations (additional to his existing authorizations which already allowed him to execute reports and send them via broadcaster):


- ACTVT: 03, 16, 23, 63, 66



- ACTVT: *

- RS_EVID: *











When the user now tries to open an existing broadcast setting the following happens:

- OK: The user is able to open the broadcast setting (both from RSRD_ADMIN and from Web analyzer)

- OK: The user can put his own user-ID in the field "Authorization user" and save the setting

- OK: The user is also able to create a new schedule and save the modified broadcast setting

- NOT OK: After the broadcaster started broadcasting according to the schedule, the broadcast fails with one of the two following error messages:

- RSRD 141: Missing authorization for user XY to schedule Query ABC

- RSRD 191: Setting ABC: User XY not usable for backround processing

According to the above-mentioned authorizations should enable a user to create and modify BI broadcasting schedules. As also the trace for the execution of schedules with an administration user has not revealed any missing authorizations, I would be glad if any of you could provide some assistance here.

Thanks in advance


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All of the above security objects must be in place. However there are two other tables that are significant, and may need to be adjusted.

RSRD_REGISTR_USR is the table that actually controls the specific users that are authorized to execute Information Broadcasts of specific types. If a user is NOT in the table for a specific type of broadcast execution (for example "TP" for time point, or "DC" for data change event) then when the broadcast is executed for that user, it will fail, with a message "RSRD 141 not authorized for sheduling XXXX broadcast for user YYYY".

This can be corrected by editing the Broadcast Setting directly in the Portal, and putting the desired user in the Authorization Field. However, if you are like us, and want to change many broadcasts, you can also edit the required tables in BW directly. These tables are:

1. RSRD_REGISTR_USR- AUTH_USER field. This field cannot be edited directly with SE16, however by using the menu option, a new entry can be created with the CREATE FROM TEMPLATE option. Simply highlight the record you want to duplicate, and then select the create from template menu option, and change the Authorized User Field.

2. RSRD_SETT_NODE_A - DI_AUTH_USER parameter. This user contols the ID that is used to for checking BI Authorizations. It needs to be in sync (the same) as the entry in RSRD_REGISTR_USR, or the sheduled broadcast will fail with the RSRD 141 error message.

3. RSRD_SETTING - "OWNER" field controls the "From" user for the send process. This is the user whose e-mail address will be in the From address.

This had us going for a while, but tables 1 and 2 are really the keys to getting this to work correctly.

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Hi Folks,

We are also getting the Message RSRD141 while process chain is executing the Broadcasting event.

User X717 (ALEREMOTE user) is triggering this event but it's getting failed all the time.    

Could you please let me know which of the aforementioned actions actually resolve this issue?


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Once the authorizations are set as above, this error still occurs when two specific actions are in effect. 1st, the Information Broadcast Setting is a type "WB" for workbook and needs to process through the precalculation server. 2nd, the method of execution must be triggered from the process type "DATACHANGE" within a process chain.

Other methods appear to be working when all other authorizations are updated as specified above.

Still an issue for us.

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Hello Florian,

we had this problem as well and I checked the code flow where the message is thrown.

The message RSRD 141 will be most probably thrown because you are using a communication user for the execution. Please check the type of the user you define as authorizaion user and as owner of the setting.

Of cause the message is misleading as you will not see an authorization error in the trace.

The message RSRD 191 can occur if the user is locked or has an expired or initial password. Check if you can log on with that user if it is a dialog or service user and that there is no prompt to change the password.

We solved it by using an owner and authorization user in Broadcasting which is defined as a system user.

Best regards,


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