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authorization on multyProvider

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Hello all

We are on BW 7.4.

In authorization analysis, i want to choose some info providers, but one of them is multy provider, and i want to give authorization for only part of the info cubes in the multy. How can i do this?



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Hi Singer,

For 0TCAIPROV, it only depends on the InfoProvider that the query is based on. If the query is based on the MultiProvider, you need to assign "0TCAIPROV = the MultiProvider" to user in order for any query based on this MultiProvider to run by this user.

If you want to control partprovider, you can use 0INFOPROV. If you make 0INFOPROV authorization relevant and assign "0INFOPROV = partprovider A" to user, then the query can run by the user only if there is a filter "0INFOPROV = partprovider A" in the query definition. This can make sure the user only sees data of partprovider A.

In addition, I would like to recommend below KBA to you.
1904962 - How to Analyze a "No Authorization" or Showing Too Much Data Issue with BW Analysis Authorization

Best regards,

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Hi Singer,

Maybe I am confused but you can restrict the Multi Provider access by InfoCubes using the authorization objects:



Thank you very much.

Best regards.

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Hello Singer,

Review note: 927872 - MultiProvider authorization is checked

1. TCODE RSCUSTV23 -> Change "Authorization mode" value to be Obsolete Concept with RSR Authorization Objects

2. TCODE RSCUSTV16 -> Set MultiProvider

Make sure this note was implemented into your system:
1444988 - Authorization object

Br, Andras