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Attach to page-navigation in loaded Fiori-Elements-App component from outer component

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Hi Community,
i built a small ui5-application which loads a configurable component (identified by componentId and namespace) in a compontent-container of my app. This works so far. In my case it this integrated component is a fiori-elements-app which is an implementation of a list-report. This list-report has a detail-page for items in the list of the list-report. 
I now want to attach dynamically created controls by my app to a aggregation of a control in the detail page. More specific the detail page is an implementation of the ObjectPageLayout and i want to attach a new section (with subsection and its content) from my outer component dynamically to the detail-page of the integrated fiori-elements app. 
By using tools like ui5-inspector i can identify the Id of the ObjectPageLayout-Control and can get its object using sap.ui.getCore().byId("id-of-control"). 

At the moment i have no really good idea how to get the right moment when the ObjectPageLayout-Control is created and i can find it by using getCore and then to append my new created section. So at the moment i use setTimeout-Method to poll every 500ms if the parent-control is available and then to attach my controls.
It would be great if there is a possibility to attach to an event or so to have a better solution. I already tried getting the router from the integrated fiori-elements component and attach to routing-events, but it seems that there is no routing-event when fiori-element calls the detail page for a selected entry in its list. 

any ideas will be welcome 🙂

kind regards


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