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Async Sync Bridge with http_aae receiver

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Hi Experts,

I am raising a questions which has been raised many a times earlier, with no solution so far reported in any forum/blog.

Has anybody successfully used Async Sync bridge with HTTP_AAE Adapter as receiver using ICO.

At most places, it has been reported to be running into issue of not replacing the interface even after execution ResponseOneWayBean there by raising error "No Sender Agreement Configured that matches the message header fields (sender party: ****, sender service: *****, interface ****, receiver party: ****, receiver service: ****)...... the interface here being the original receiver of request part.

I have checked blogs following blogs listed below but no solutions

And many other on similar topic. A common solutions given by many is to use SOAP adapter without SOAP envelop.

If anyone has successfully implemented it with HTTP_AAE, please share how it has been done.



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Hi Ankur,

I have worked on soap,rfc etc adapters for this scenarios but not http_aae adapter.

So, I have done some googling and see some comments from PI experts that this will not work with http_aae adapter it seems.

Refer the comments section for more information in the below blog:

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Thanks Vishnu,

I have gone through the comments in the blog before making this post, just want to check as many of replies there are older than 6 months.

i also tried the RFC way to use the same SI for sending response which receiving the request. Tried this simply cos ResponseOneWayBean is not replacing the interface.

Created OM as per the directions for RFC (as per the comments of William in the above blog) but in PI 7.4  it doesn't gets activated. Error = "interface modi is different, Source interface **** is synchronous. Target interface ***** is asynchronous.


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I have used the bridging with SOAP but not with the HTTP_AAE, from IDoc ECC to SAP C4C. Please see the screenshot below.

Remember when doing bridging. You need to use the same interface for the response or create a new one. Make sure that you have configured the Advanced tab correctly.

Can you please send me a screenshot of how your config looks like?

Please see the blog below.


Jannus Botha