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ASE Replication to Oracle issues ORA-3106,ORA-01483,ORA-01461 related to text datatype.

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Have a problem having 'random' ASE to Oracle replication errors where replication stops .Up to 5 times a day so a small % of all transactions. Errors can be resumed with resume connection to (no skip just resume) except for ORA-01461 and sometimes ORA-1483.

Increased PGA in Oracle did not help.

Maybe someone has seen this before or more clues?

Issue is also asked to support but so far no solution yet.


No relevant changes happend before or just after the first error and never had this before.

These errors appear now an then (multiple rep servers send here data to one Oracle instance multipe schema's.

Version ASE+REP Sp03 16 to Oracle 19.

Alle Oracle messages coming back as client message to repserver (not seen in the oracle logs).

Seems related to text columns (not unitext) REP hetrogeneous documentation documents only unitext for oracle mapping in some places but we replicated text for many years.

Most common eror to least common:


I. 2023/06/16 10:32:58. Message from server: Message: 3106, State 0, Severity 5 -- '[ statement ][ XYZCENTRAL_PROD ] ociStmt::Execute ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error '.


I. 2023/06/26 07:52:48. Message from server: Message: 1483, State 0, Severity 5 -- '[ statement ][ XYZCENTRAL_PROD ] ociStmt::Execute ORA-01483: invalid length for DATE or NUMBER bind variable '.


I. 2023/06/27 10:00:27. Message from server: Message: 1461, State 0, Severity 5 -- '[ statement ][ XYZCENTRAL_PROD ] ociStmt::Execute ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column '.

rs_writetext always shows up in rs_exception like below, size of text is not very long:

A0159 05cp850distribute 2 ~"!,3 1 applied ~!-<database>_<table>.~!-rs_writetext append first last changed with log textlen =1085 hastext

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Problem solved, upgraded repserver and oracle client to 16 sp04.