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Are UI Facets and fieldgroups available for abstract CDS views?


Hello - I have a CDS abstract view that I'm using to capture action parameters for a Fiori RAP app.

I have tried defining UI facets with field groups for the abstract view as I want to better organize the input parameters to the action (in the dialog box called for the abstract view). The abstract view is called to capture parameters but is not formatted with the UI facets and field groups. Other CDS annotations I'm using are respected by the abstract view when called (such as end user labels) but the field groups and facets are not rendered. I have tried using both an OData V2 and V4 service and neither render the facets/fieldgroups.

Has anyone gotten this to work? Are facets/fieldgroups using CDS annotations supported/respected for abstract views?

Please let me know.

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I have the same question - does anyone know if this could work?
Here is my example approach, that doesn't work.


define abstract entity ZTEST_ABSTRACT_ENTITY
  @UI.facet: [
                      id: 'GENERAL',
                      type: #COLLECTION,                      
                      position: 10,                      
                      label: 'General'
                      purpose: #STANDARD,
                      type: #FIELDGROUP_REFERENCE,
                      importance: #HIGH,
                      position: 10,
                      targetQualifier: 'FGROUP10',
                      label: 'Field Group I',
                      parentId: 'GENERAL'
                      purpose: #STANDARD,
                      type: #FIELDGROUP_REFERENCE,
                      importance: #HIGH,
                      position: 20,
                      targetQualifier: 'FGROUP20',
                      label: 'Field Group II',
                      parentId: 'GENERAL'
    @UI.fieldGroup: [{ qualifier: 'FGROUP10',position: 100 }]
    Field1: char25;
    @UI.fieldGroup: [{ qualifier: 'FGROUP10',position: 200 }]
    Field2: char25;
    @UI.fieldGroup: [{ qualifier: 'FGROUP10',position: 300 }]
    Field3: char25;
    @UI.fieldGroup: [{ qualifier: 'FGROUP20',position: 100 }]
    Field4: char25;
    @UI.fieldGroup: [{ qualifier: 'FGROUP20',position: 200 }]
    Field5: char25;
    @UI.fieldGroup: [{ qualifier: 'FGROUP20',position: 300 }]
    Field6: char25;