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ARAP: Inbbound WebAPI using oData

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Write here what you need help with ...How to build INBOUND API by using custom entity.

I was trying to use RAP based oData Service for Inbound and outbound API .

Outbound-Created CDS based on custom entity (Implemented RAP interface for Query to handle the logic in SELECT method) and latter all the fields of CDS are exposed via Service Definition and Service Binding--->It Works Fine,

Inbound-How to develop such API which will receive the data from Non-SAP system.( One way to achieve this is using defining a behavior definition but behavior definition needs a root view , and root view depends on base view )

I want to try based on Custom entity as i do not want to develop my API for CRUD operation but this API must trigger some SAP or Non-SAP application .



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Hi Saurabh,

Did you find any solution ?. If yes , can you share the details. Even I have a similar kind of requirement.

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Hello abap_learner

We have a similar situation where our API will be consumed by a 3rd party middleware .

But as if now we have a outbound scenario .

I am implementing Custom Entity where i am writing the logic(calling a BAPI) .The third party is calling the Odata .

Everything's fine .But since you mentioned you already implemented it .

Could you kindly let me know how did you handle multiple errors from BAPI .

If you can look into the Question

It would be of great help

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