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approve/reject writing values to database

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Hi experts,

Has anybody done workflow set up when the ESS user modifies his family/dependent data through portal?

below are my observations, i am not sure whether workflow configuration is really possible or web dynpro service has to be enhanced!

The business object FAMILY has a method APPROVE.

we are trying to configure workflow for Object Type FAMILY. The Object Type FAMILY has a method APPROVE: unlock family. This contains the API function : BAPI_FAMILY_APPROVE. I do not know whether I can use the method APPROVE to get Approve/Reject outcomes. we see the following outcomes in tab OUTCOMES,

<b>1. Operation performed successfully

2. Operation performed with errors

3. Instance does not exist

4. Processing obsolete</b>

as possible outcomes of step. Are these coming from BAPI_FAMILY_APPROVE?

I want to create two links Approve and Reject in the step so that HR Admins approves it through UWL. So, when APPROVE link is accessed, changes on HR family members are written to database. reject means no writing. the above outcomes can be used for this functionality?

Below is the documentation for BAPI_FAMILY_APPROVE.


You can use this method to unlock a Family/Related Person record (0021).

It enables you to implement the "double verification principle" in conjunction with the REQUEST method. According to this principle, at least two users must take part in writing an active record to the database. One user creates a locked record using the REQUEST method. The other user unlocks or 'activates' this record using the APPROVE method.


Messages are transferred to the RETURN parameter. The relevant parameter documentation contains the return values and their meanings.

The key fields used by the method are described in the parameter documentation.

You can use this method only if you have called the ENQUEUE method of the business object EMPLOYEE beforehand. For more information on the ENQUEUE method, read the documentation on the function module BAPI_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE.

For more information on the REQUEST method, read the documentation on the function module BAPI_FAMILY_REQUEST.












Function Group



Any helpful answers will be greatly appreciated

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Is at a Decision task that you are using. If it is I thing this method will get called in one of the Outcome you have mentioned. If not then this method has some inbuilt outcomes. I will request you to Test this method through Swo1 and then use it in Wflow Template.

<b>Reward points if useful</b>