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Apperieance of Doc date in crystal report layout difference in server and Client system

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Dear Experts

i had a created a AP Invoice layout in Crystal Report

in that the Doc date format is provided as DD/MM/YYYY (10/Nov/2023) and the same is appering in PDF format while checking from server, but if i try to take the same layout from any of the client pc its in different way 11/10/2023

why is this issue happeing, i try by removing the field and adding it again and reuploading the layout, but there is no changes in client pc

pls help me to sort out this issue


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vinod, this is most likely happening due to regional date setting differences. As a solution to keep a consistent format, use a Formula with syntax similar to the following, using the date field of your choice.


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