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Apache configuration

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Hello everybody

I’m using Apache as a ReverseProxy but I’m getting an error.

I have a public url for the Portal,, this url is translated to our internal server, but our internal server has two listening ports, one for Java requests and one for ABAP request (we’re using webdynpro ABAP). So we have these sentences:

ProxyPass /irj

ProxyPassReverse /irj

ProxyPass /sap

ProxyPassReverse /sap

Also we have a RewiteRule:

RewriteRule /

With this configuration we have a problem when the portals tries to show a webdynpro ABAP because it’s created with the following url and the browser cannot show this page because it uses an internal server name (not public).

How can be replace for with an Apache?

Thank you in adavanced.

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depending on the way this WebDynpro is configured the preserve header functionality may be a solution (please have a look here: )

Maybe you can also take a look at the mod_rewrite feature. (see also



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We face the following problem when accessing WDA from the Internet (it always come to the same internal URL).

Did you solve your problem?

Thank you!