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Any idea about the analytic map functionality ?

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I want to implement this analytic map functionality but i.s stuck in binding the json file data..

As per the development kit sample code it is as given below-

// create some dummy data

var oData =


regionProperties :


{ "code": "EU", "color": "rgba(184,225,245,1.0)", "tooltip":"Europe\r\n\r\nPopulation: 743 Mio" },

{ "code": "NA", "color": "rgba(5,71,102,1.0)", },

{ "code": "OC", "color": "rgba(0,125,192,1.0)" }



// create model and set the data

var oModel = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel();

oModel.setData( oData );

// set the geojson location to some data "sap.ui.vbm.AnalyticMap");

sap.ui.vbm.AnalyticMap.GeoJSONURL = "media/analyticmap/continent.json"; //Someone please tell me about this continent.json// (what should be the json file contents??how to map it to the oData??)

// create analytic map and bind to model

var oVBI = new sap.ui.vbm.AnalyticMap('vbi',


width : "100%",

height: 512,

plugin: false,

regions : {

path : "/regionProperties",

template: new sap.ui.vbm.Region( { code: "{code}", color: '{color}', tooltip: '{tooltip}', click: onRegionClick, contextMenu: onRegionContextMenu } )


regionClick : onRegionClick,

regionContextMenu : onRegionContextMenu


oVBI.setModel( oModel );


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Hi Abbilash,

I think your question is more SAP Visual Business relevant. You should consider posting it at:

I have no experience with SAP Visual Business, but I can try to answer your questions the best I can.

continent.json, you refer to, probably contains encoded geographical information, such as borders, of continent/country features. As I have no experience of VBM, I cannot tell what the exact contents of that file should be or where you can find it.



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Thanks kimmo!!