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anti-virus Software for EP5 SP5

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can you tell me, if there are restrictions for implementing and using anti-virus programms running on an EP5 SP5 NT-Server ?

Or can we use all availability software like - for example MC Affee ?

Another thing:

Is there a procedure with EP 5 SP 5 (or with EP 6) available, to ensure, that only virus-free Content can be uploaded in KM ?



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Hi Tom,

for Mc Affee there are two options you should consider to set:

- deactivate the entry 'outbound files' in the 'Detection' section

- disable scanning of compressed files

For other anti-virus software analog settings will apply. Nevertheless check your performance after making those settings and switch back to the old config if you experience problems.

In general: Since you have to deactivate some of the features from the virus scanner you should perform a full scan of your server when the portal is down for maintenance e.g. backup.

Personally I did never experience any problems when using Norton AntiVirus.

Best Regards,


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Hi Tom,

I had massive problems with the portal due to anti-virus software

(Trend Micro, applies to others as well).

The anti-virus software searched every .jar in real-time that was used

by the WebAS. And it gave up after some 500 files per jar.

This was in real-time on-the-fly.

Restarting the Portal used 5 hours and generated a lot of

time-out problems.

As soon as the real-time scan of Java related files was switched of

all problems vanished.

I could pack (native executable) virus code in a jar but is there such

a thing as a java virus already? Never heard of that. So the risc is




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I have been working on a solution for the SDN portal whereby ANY files uploaded to the portal via KM can be virus scanned first. This has been developed to work with the Norton AntiVirus Scan Engine using the ICAP protocol

Once this has been tested and implemented into the SDN portal, I shall be writing a weblog that describes the things required.

Also, as for EP6, virus checking is being built into SP3 of EP6 as a standard feature, and will be compatible with several of the most commonly used anti virus checking software. This includes Norton and McAfee