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Anonymous user can not access to XML From show.

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Hi, Experts.

If I open the XML FORM news by anonymous user, one authentication windows is opened. I can view the news list normally. If I use anonymous user open documents, user can preview normally. When I open one news item the http link is the follow.


I think it is 'xmlformpreview' authentication problem.

How to resolve it? Please help me analysis it.

Thanks and Best Regards.

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> I think it is 'xmlformpreview' authentication problem

Quite proabable. I expect that SAP note 837898 which handles anonymous KM access (which didn't work even for SP12++ in several cases, maybe you case is one the the still open ones) doesn't cover that case.

A fast workaround would be to rename from the deployment/temp directory to, change the auth level to anonymous for component "xmlformpreview" and restart the server. This is also the way to set up anonymous KM access before SP12.

Hope it helps


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Detlev Beutner

I just saw your own answer after sending my own answer...

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Thanks everyone view this thread.

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I have reslove it.

In the XMLForm Builder, change RenderListItem form Hyperlink Property of the link of Show Form. Select the form element which you gave hyperlink for show form and on right-bottom window there is a property Hyperlink. Change it to "Link to XML".