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Android + sso + sicf service

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Hi all,

we are searching information on how to be able to use SSO for a program developed on our ECC (sicf service) that our employee have to access through android tablet used as barcode reader.

On our ECC system we have already activated the SSO based on AD.

We dont have any software like SAP SSO 3.0 or Authenticator , and we need that multiple users can connect on the same devices (turn based).

Is there a way to execute the SSO authentication in order to be able to access the service on the Android mobile device without the usage of SSO 3.0 or authenticator?

Thanks and regards


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Hi Luca,

is the service accessed through the default browser in the Android device, or are you using a App? Do you need interactive user authentication (changing users) or are you looking for a way to automate login (seamless SSO experience)?

Without any further solution or software component on the device (such as SSO 3.0), the only solution which comes to my mind is to make use of SAML authentication which allows your users to authenticate using AD credentials (manually to type in). Did you have a different expectation 🙂 ?

Cheers, Carsten