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An extra prompt is appearing after UNX conversion and not able to pull the data

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Hi All,

I converted .unv universe to unx and after the conversion I am getting one extra prompt while generating the report which is not there previously in the same report pointing to unv and because of this not able to pull the data also in the new report pointing to unx.

Report pointing to unv (image1)

Same report pointing to unx (image2)

Here the prompt Enter Related Purchaser Org Number is repeating not sure why and with the (Logo) and (Coverpage Address) These are query tabs(image3)

It will be very helpful if someone look into it and resolve the issue.

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Answers (1)

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  1. This can happen when the two universe objects on which the Prompt filter will be applied have different object formats (Numeric vs String). Make sure the UNX has the same format for both of the objects.
  2. If the object is the same object in both queries that is being filtered, check the properties of the Prompt in each query to make sure they are exactly the same, including the text of the Prompt. Maybe one contains an extra trailing space?