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ALV grid export to Excel - date columns in wrong positions

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When downloading the ALV list to Excel the date columns are in the wrong positions. I read in another forum that date, amount and currecy fields are inserted at the end when downloading to Excel. I also referred to as suggested in forum <b>Export ALV List into Excel Sheet</b>. Unfortunately this does not solve my problem.

I'm using set_table_for_first_display. What can I do to ensure that the columns are downloaded in the correct positions considering that the exporting to Excel is a standard ALV function?



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unfortunately I don't think this is something that can be fixed. ALV seems to retain the basic format of the layout on exporting but tries to move date and numeric fields to the right and keep char fields on the left. Check out OSS note 358644 which discusses the column rearranging. A workaround is mentioned.

There are numerous other notes in regard to this feature. Search on ALV and Excel.

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I will check the OSS notes.