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Alternative for sap.viz.ui5.Treemap in SAP UI5

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Hi All,

I Have a requirement to display Treemap (sap.viz.ui5.Treemap).But this library is deprecated.

Could anybody please Let me know is there any alternative for sap.viz.ui5.Treemap.

in SAP UI5.

Here this chart id deprecated after 1.32 version.

If i use this graph in application by using lessthan 1.32 version does it going to create any issues.



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Answers (2)

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Please check as vizFrame comes with Treemap chart.

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To answer the second part of your question I am quoting the documentation (bolding is my doing):

"Deprecated since 1.32.0. The chart controls in the sap.viz.ui5 package (which were always marked as ) have been deprecated since 1.32.0. They are no longer actively developed and won't receive new features or improvements, only important bug fixes. They will only remain in the SAPUI5 distribution for backward compatibility."

As for your first part, you can either use some external lib. or see if you can meet your needs with the VizFrame class or use the treemap with all the constraints that were aforementioned.