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alpha conversion

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hai all,

whats the purpose of Aplpha Conversion..

thanks in advance



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shanthi,

Pls go through this link on service market place.

The purpose of Alpha conversion is defined beautifully here:

What is the "ALPHA conversion" about?

A characteristic in SAP NetWeaver BI can use a conversion routine like the conversion routine called ALPHA. A conversion routine converts data that a user enters (in so called external format) to an internal format before it is stored on the data base.

The most important conversion routine - due to its common use - is the ALPHA routine that converts purely numeric user input like '4711' into '004711' (assuming that the characteristic value is 6 characters long). If a value is not purely numeric like '4711A' it is left unchanged.

We have found out that in customers systems there are quite often characteristics using a conversion routine like ALPHA that have values on the data base which are not in internal format, e.g. one might find '4711' instead of '004711' on the data base.

It could even happen that there is also a value '04711', or ' 4711' (leading space).

This possibly results in data inconsistencies, also for query selection; i.e. if you select '4711', this is converted into '004711', so '04711' won't be selected.

Why is the "ALPHA conversion" necessary?

In such a case, a number of problems can arise in reporting like wrong values of key figures, no data found for certain filter values...

The "conversion of internal characteristic values", in short term: "ALPHA conversion", is a transaction (transaction code RSMDCNVEXIT) that checks the format of all values of characteristics that use one of the conversion routines ALPHA, GJAHR and NUMCV.

If values are found that do not have the correct internal format it can replace them by correct value and update all dependant SAP NetWeaver BI objects (like InfoCubes, Hierarchies, master data of other characteristics...).

This transaction potentially has to touch a very significant part of all the data in SAP NetWeaver BI. While running the check or conversion phase of RSMDCNVEXIT no data loads of any kind are possible; the conversion part of it cannot be interrupted. Therefore you should never start the conversion part without having thoroughly read the documentation.

Hope it helps you!!!!



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Prashanth,

alpha conversion puts leading zeroes in front of numeric values of character fields in order to have '1', '01' .... as the same value. If your target field is defined as char in lenght 5, both values will be posted to it as '00001'.