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All records skipped in transf.rule -> load fails...

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I have a situation where I have a formula that skips the records I specify. When the situation occurs that all record are dropped (which is the correct bahaviour), the load fails as a whole, because because 'processing is overdue'. The new request with zero records never gets activated and subsequent requests are therefor not available for reporting.

In the monitor I get "Processing end: No errors" and on the next line "Update rules ( 0 Records ) : Missing messages". And later when things time-out, I get red lights all over.

Any idea how to address this problem?

Best regards,

/Christian Frier

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Hi Chris,

did you try to insert your logic in the start routine and then use the ABORT statement that skips the whole data package ?

I think that the process will go on with zero records...

Hope it helps!