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Aggregate usage

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I have a query built on an infocube and I designed an aggregate exclusively for this query. Aggregate contains all the necessary fields in it.

A NAV attribute is used in the query and restricted on a hierarchy. Did exactly the same in the aggregate also. But, I am encountering a strange behavior.

When I put that NAV attribute in either the "free characteristics" box or the "filter", the query uses the aggregate. But when I move that NAV attribute to the "rows" box, query does not read the aggregate.

The read mode for data is set to "H Query to read when you navigate or expand hierarchies".

Any explanation?



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you can test this behaviour by using the transaction RSRT --> execution + debugger, flag the usage of aggregates.

After executing the system shows you the needed vs. the founded aggregate. With this information it is possible to give you an explanation.

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