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Agentry: SSL Error - broken pipe

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We have a work manager 5.2 modified version running on our production environment and lately we are experiencing some weird errors when the users try to synchronize.

Sometimes (maybe 50% of the attempts...) the synchronization process is stuck and the client doesn't show any error at all. It's just waiting while loading a complex table, replacing definitions or anything, but never finishing. Inspecting the server logs I've seen that the error that seems to cause this issue is the following:

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:       + ANGEL Connection=XXX.XX.XXX.XXX:XXXXX

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:         + ANGEL Vine=1848370469

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:           + User=XXXXX

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:             + Server=Agentry

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:               + Complex Table=ctmaterialstoragelocation

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:                 + User=XXXXX

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:                   + ANGEL Vine=1848370469

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:                     + ANGEL Connection=XXX.XX.XXX.XXX:XXXXX

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:                       + Data Chunk=0

2014/04/10 14:22:57.203:                         SSL error: error:2007107C:BIO routines:BIO_write:broken pipe

This time it happened while loading the complex table ctmaterialstoragelocation but it's just an example. It can happen in any other step.

Do you think that this error is really related to SSL? I think it's not and my guess is that something is wrong with the network and the connection is broken but I don't know how to be sure about the root cause of the issue. Any clues that could help me?

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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I'm going to close this thread since I discovered that the issue is due to my company network problem.

We haven't found the root cause, but after many attempts testing from my home wifi I don't face the problem, so it is not caused by the Agentry Server.

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I know you said work manager 5.2, but what is the Agentry Version?

Are the clients in Wifi or lan connection?

What type of client and devices are you using?


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Hi Steve,

- The server version is

- The devices are iPads (we tried with iOS 6 and 7 devices) and are connected via Wifi.

- The client is the latest App Store Agentry client version.