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Agentry requesting public key from server communication failure (14)

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My environment is: SMP 3.0 SP10, Agentry Server v130.11.0.489, SAP Work Manger 6.3 and SAP Inventory Manager 4.2.

I have deployed both applications to the SMP server and have confirmed connection by navigating to https://<smp-server>:8081/SAPWM and https://<smp-server>:8081/SAPIM from a client machine.

Ive also installed both clients for WM and IM onto the client machine (MOB_WM_WPF03_0-80001068.EXE and MOB_IM_WPF02_0-70000828.EXE) which I downloaded from the marketplace.

I can logon to the Work Manager client and start a sync with the server without an issue. I use the above URL for this.

When trying to make a connection using the Inventory manager client Im getting the error:

requesting public key from server

communication failure (14)...

Ive read all I can to try find a solution but nothing proposed has helped.

Is there something im doing wrong?

Please help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Communication error(14) means your client is not able to reach the SMP Server. are you able to get "I am here" on your browser.

one more thing can you please verify when you navigate to the application on management cokpit are you able to see backend tab? if not that means the Agentry application is not able to connect to SAP.

in this case please try to check the server log file. there you will get some clue.

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Hi Ajitesh.

Thanks for the reply.

I do get the I am here message from the browser with both applications. WM and IM.

However when connecting from the client, the Work Manager application connects and syncs but the Inventory Manager application doesnt.

In SMP under the IM app I get the following under the back-end tab:

Under the WM application though I have allot more detail:

Both solutions use the same backend so im not sure why WM can connect fine but IM gives issues...

There are no errors in the log files for Angentry or SMP.

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That tab just shows the work manager application has 2 Agentry backends, one for Java (which connects to SAP) and one for HTTP messages (used to receive push messages from SAP).  The IM app only has the Java backend, and not the HTTP backend.

Can you go into the Agentry Events.log file see if there are any errors?

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for clearing up the backend tab.

There aren't any errors I can see in the log files...

There are also no updates to the WPF client or the deployment package. Very strange Work Manager works fine but Inventory Manager gives issues...

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I would recommend using the latest WPF Client, you can get it from SMP 3 SDK SP12.

you can use the same install for both WM and IM, as long as they are installed to different locations.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Jared,

Can you please make sure you are having different URL path for WM and IM.

It can be checked from the Application settings.