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Advice on Type of Mapping

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Hi Friends,

I have scenerio like this,

IDOCS will be collected in BPM for 10 mins and them output will be in XML file which has details of all collected IDOCS.

Output will be like this

<Message list>


</Message list>.

I have many more feilds with in Message.

If BPM collects 4 IDOCS out of which 3 are USD and 1GBP.

I nedd 2 Message tabs inside <Message list> with Idocs description in side message.

Is it possible by Graphical mapping..

Will be help full if u can send me some blogs.

Thanks in advance.....

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What is the output format ? Is it File ? If so , for each currency you need to generate a new file ? If this is the requirement,. just split the messages using Transformation Step and send to different files based on the USD/GBP.

This can be done after N:1 Transformation Step and also this split can be done outside the BPM..with Graphical Mapping

IF you want both the data in the same file, then what is the purpose of separate tag...

Btw, all depends on the requirements, based on the complexity of the mapping, you can go other mappings like Java, XSLT etc. But in this case I feel Graphical Mapping is ok



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Output is file . FOr each currency i need to generate a new message, such meesages will bundlled in <messagelsit>.

Say like this