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ADSO has different values in Active table and Display data

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Dear Team,

I am facing one peculiar problem, can you please help me on same (Version is SAP BW 7.5 on HANA SP017

I have field based ADSO and it is connected with File based Datasource

There are two Key figures which has Data type CURR and with Length 17 and Decimal 2

When i load the data in ADSO for one currency type, Key figure shows value 37.30 in ACTIVE TABLE of ADSO (Which is matching with expected output) and when Display the data for the same Key figure in ADSO the value shows is 373.0 ,

So what would be the reason for same as HANA view based on the same ADSO is picking the wrong value (373.0)

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Tushar,

This could be the issue when dealing with special currency values (eg. JPY), where the values in table is different as compared to the value which you can see.

If that is the case, you will have to probably handle this via custom methods.

Check if this can help you -

Thanks !