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ADS: Processing Error in rendering a pdf form template

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Hi all

I am facing an issue in using an SAP Forms service by Adobe in SAP BTP (Cloud Foundry).

I have configured the forms service in BTP and uploaded the Master form template, Content form template and the schema in the Template Store UI.

These templates have been designed using AdobeLiveCycle Designer.

Now I am trying to render the content form using the api "/v1/adsRender/pdf?" with using the content template name but getting an error, mentioned later below under response.

The issue happens only for those forms which have master templates associated with them, the stand alone forms work fine without any issues.

POST Request URL:

Payload :

"changeNotAllowed": false,
"embedFont": 0,
"formLocale": "en",
"formType": "print",
"printNotAllowed": false,
"taggedPdf": 1,
"xmlData": "<Base64 encoded xml data>"
"timestamp": 1693308297.961050000,
"path": "/v1/adsRender/pdf",
"results": "ADS: Processing Error",
"trace": " Begin operation: Render, elapsed time = 228 ms.\n End operation: Render, elapsed time = 549 ms.\n
Begin operation: Render Log, elapsed time = 549 ms.\n End operation: Render Log, elapsed time = 552 ms.\n
com.adobe.ProcessingException: com.adobe.ProcessingException:
A problem was encountered with the results: Exception: 12591 : No pages were created.
Unable to save a PDF file.\n Reason: 12591 : No pages were created. Unable to save a PDF file.\n",
"errorLevel": "10",
"errorPDF": "<error pdf base64 encoded>

Thanks in advance for your help.



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