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Adobe Forms : Print preview with Logo but printing wihtout Logo

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Hi All ,

I have the requirement that Billing document/ Purchase Order or Dunning should be displayed with LOGO and Footer on Print preview but should not Print.

  • We have static Adobe Forms and LOGOS and FOOTERS are in Master Page.
  • Printer is SAPWIN- MISCROSOFT Driver, LATIN -1 , Hostspool : F and Host Printer __DEFAULT.
  • We have made Logos and Footer Object Presence Level as VISIBLE (SCREEN ONLY) .
  • We have placed JavaScript at prePrint event
this.presence = "hidden";
  • JavaScript at postPrint event but did not worked
this.presence = "visible";

When we are giving Print Command from Transaction for instance VF03 in S4/HANA on Premise system , a Pop up window comes up to save the PDF Document. After saving when i opens this document, it is with LOGO and Footer and then when i place print command from Adobe Acrobat Reader it is printing the entire document as Logo and Footer exists.

  • I placed JavaScript at initialize Event.but the same response.
this.presence = "visible";<br>this.relevant = "-print";
  • JaveScript at docReady Event based on 1530896 - How to distinguish output type at runtime in Adobe Interactive Forms. Still the same response
if( $xfa.config.present.destination ne "pdf" ) then<br>$.presence = "invisble"<br>endif.

in Program : RSPO0022 , follwoing entry is maintained.

Default SAPWIN-Gerätetyp acrobat6.xdc pdf acrobat6.xdc pdf

We have go-live in 2 weeks and it would be great if you can guide me to solve this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Kind Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need to show some data only on Preview and hide it during Print. If my understanding correct, you can check whether user is clicking on Print or Preview using the output parameter(PREVIEW = 'X' or space) and clear the LOGO and footer fields when PREVIEW = space.

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Thank you so much for your answer .

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